Our mission is to provide children with toys and essential school supplies, to uplift families in adversity championing pro-immigrant initiatives, and finally empowering entrepreneurs or business owners. We are dedicated to offering guidance, support, and creating opportunities for meaningful impact, fostering a brighter, inclusive future for all.


Develop flourishing, empowered communities by creating equal opportunities and resources available for companies, immigrant families, toys and education materials for children to learn, grow, and succeed together.

Our History

Established in 2010, the Zoe Foundation is committed to making a difference in others’ lives

Driven by our founder Felix’s compassion, we aim to create lasting change for future generations. We’ve become a beacon of hope, providing toys, educational materials, and school supplies to thousands of children and families. We have helped more than 100,000 kids here in the US and Mexico as well.

Additionally, we support entrepreneurs with incubator, accelerator programs and we also assist immigrants with citizenship education and with the paperwork for the citizenship processes.

Our three main programs are as follows:

● Zoe Kids: Providing school supplies, educational materials, and toys for children. We hold a yearly toy drive to benefit children in need along with a backpack drive to provide kids with the supplies needed to continue their education.

● Zoe Lab: Entrepreneurs and businesses can take use of incubator services and business acceleration initiatives through Zoe Lab.

● Zoe Immigration: We assist with filling out citizenship documents and also with citizenship testing preparation to help immigrant families thrive.

Let’s work together to build a better future for our community by elevating and empowering those in need, one person at a time.

Message From Our Founder

Welcome to the Zoe Foundation website, where your support and kindness touch the lives of thousands of families in our community. It is truly a privilege to lead an organization that has made such a lasting impact over the past 13 years.

As I reflect on the incredible journey of the Zoe Foundation, I am filled with gratitude for the blessings and achievements we have experienced. Our story began with a heartfelt desire to support the community, inspired by my passion of helping others. My goal is for the organization to be a beacon of love and generosity, never hesitating to lend a helping hand and expecting nothing in return.

Throughout the years, the Zoe Foundation has continuously evolved, expanding our outreach and adopting more programs to serve our community even better. One such example is our annual toy drive in Arizona and Mexico, which brings joy to numerous families and kids in need. Witnessing the smiles on the faces of these children is priceless!

We are deeply grateful for the unwavering support of our friends, sponsors and allies who have made our achievements possible. Together, we have made a lasting impact on our community, and our commitment to helping those in need remains stronger than ever. The journey ahead is long, but with your support, we will continue to make a difference, one life at a time

Felix Garcia
President & CEO